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Inspection Services - KL Steven Company

Our inspection capabilities and services are qualified by all of our customers, including companies in the aircraft, aerospace, missile systems, electric motors, medical and high tech industries. We have a Quality Control manager, two proficient full time inspectors and supporting personnel. Our inspection department's main functions within KL Steven Company include first article inspections, auditing in-process inspection and maintaining documents such as instrument calibrations and material certifications.

KL Steven maintains a wide range of Inspection Equipment enabling us to meet the needs of our customers. Traceability is crucial in aerospace manufacture and this is one of many areas in which we demonstrate our ability to provide for the special needs of our customers.

Inspection Equipment:

KL Steven maintains a wide range of inspection equipment enabling us to meet the needs of our customers. Some of our equipment includes:

  • (3)J & L 15" optical comparators, and various angle, radius andthread profile charts
  • 0-12" Micrometer sets

  • Trimos Vertical III Electronic gage ( 2-1/2 axis CMM with hardcopyoutput.)
  • Electronic Calipers, Micrometers
  • Air Gages
  • Granite Surface Plates (Inspection & at each machining center)
  • Electronic Indicators
  • Intrimikes
  • Thread Comparators (pitch diameter & functional fit)
  • Groove mikes, Internal Groove Mikes
  • Thread Plug Gages
  • (4) Complete gage block sets (certified, traceable)
  • Thread Ring Gages, Set Masters (certified, traceable)
  • Hardness Tester
  • Deltronic Plug Gage sets (certified, traceable)
  • Electronic Profilometer (surface roughness tester)

Optical Comparator
Our J&S comparators are equipped with digital readouts for accurate measurement. We have reflection attachments which allow us to measure features on flat surfaces directly. We have a full range of optical charts which allow us to measure radii and also to measure thread attributes such as root radii, flank angle, included angle, and pitch error.

Variables vs Attribute inspectionVariables vs Attribute inspection - (PDF - 14KB)

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